Fractured Atlas
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The Arts Nexus

665 Beacon St., 301, Boston, MA, 02215

The Arts Nexus is made up of three studios of different sizes.

• Studio A (available November 2019) is the largest of the spaces (approx 20'x30'). It has mirrors along one of the shorter walls. There is a low platform (4" high and 4' deep) in front of the mirror for an instructor to stand on.
• Studio B is approximately 12' x 24' (there are some bump outs). It has two large windows for natural light.
• Studio C is 11'x15'. It also has two large windows. It's great for small yoga sessions, board meetings, and portrait photography.

Space is available from 7am to 11pm in 30 minute increments with a 60-minute minimum.

All studios are unfurnished except as described. Chairs, tables, projector and screen, large monitors, whiteboards, and audio equipment are all available for an additional fee.

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