Help for Renters

SpaceFinder Mass is a matchmaking tool for renters looking for creative space, and spaces looking to promote their rentals. Powered by nonprofit Fractured Atlas, SpaceFinder Mass is free to list or search for space.

Renters should contact venues directly with questions about booking a space, however for help related to your SpaceFinder account, Fractured Atlas offers the following options:

Browse FAQ (below) for a quick overview of SpaceFinder

Search SpaceFinder Knowledge Base for in depth support content

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Who do I contact about renting a space?

It’s best to contact the venue directly. Each listing specifies a venues’ preferred method of contact.

Is there a fee to book a space through SpaceFinder?

Nope! There is no fee to book online.

How does the info about rentals stay up to date?

The best way for venue info to stay up to date is for renters to tell venues they discovered them via SpaceFinder. This keeps the resource top of mind for a venue, and they will want to keep info up to date. In addition, calendars that show a space’s availability are automatically refreshed every day. If you see a listing that is inaccurate, please let us know and we will reach out to the venue.

How can you help me find affordable space?

We know it’s hard to find affordable space, that’s part of why we built SpaceFinder! In addition to filtering spaces by rental rates within your budget, understanding your options to qualify for non-profit or subsidized rates is a good place to start.

For details, check out: Tips for Finding Affordable Space

Can I share a shortlist of spaces?

Yes, this is a big time saver when trying to find time and space among a collaborative team. Once you’ve run your search, look above the map of search results and select the option “Save this search”. Your search will be saved to your dashboard.

How do I find a specific type of space if there isn’t a search filter for it?

Keyword search is a catchall tool for discovering new spaces based on super specific needs. Keyword search is helpful for when looking for a specific type of space like “church,” “outdoor,” or “gallery,” or when looking for a specific type of amenity like “3D-printer,”, “piano,” or “bar”. Try it and see what you discover.

The venue I want requires ‘proof of liability insurance’, what is that and how do I get it?

General liability insurance covers you for damage to other people and other people’s stuff. If you kick a hole in the wall, or kick an audience member through a wall (accidentally, of course), this insurance will cover the cost. Many venues require general liability insurance to ensure renter claims won’t get charged to their own venue insurance policy. You’ll need to provide a Certificate of Insurance, also known as COI, listing the venue specifically as ‘additional insured.’

For details, check out: When a Venue Requires Liability Insurance

How can I bring SpaceFinder to my city?

First, check to see what regional expansions of SpaceFinder are currently planned (we might already be on deck to serve your community). If not, we encourage you to publicly make the case for why SpaceFinder should be launched in your creative community by posting to our Feature Request forum. By contributing in this way you are helping us illustrate demand for our service when fundraising and working with local leaders.

For details, check out: SpaceFinder Feature Request Forum.

Additional Resources

Looking for dance performance spaces?

Our community partners over at Boston Dance Alliance have this to say…

‘Any space can be a space for dancing! If your venue has a cement or linoleum floor or you want to bring dance to a parking lot or lawn, the Boston Dance Alliance portable floor can transform it into a safe and resilient surface for dancing.’