839 seat proscenium theatre completed in 2007, complete with scene shop & dressing rooms. Please visit our facilities Web site at https://ma02212675.schoolwires.net/Page/513 and click on "Facilities Specifications" to learn about theatre facilities features.

Space Usage EditEdit Space Usage

Permitted Uses Performance, Rehearsal, Special Event, Class, Audition, Video/Film Shoot, Screening, Reading, Meeting, Audio Recording
Disciplines Dance, Music, Theatre, Film
Restrictions On Use No pyrotechnics or smoke effects may be used in the facility. No alcohol is permitted on the premises.


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Booking Policies EditEdit Booking Policies

How To Book

Mr. Larry Azer
Director of Finance & Operations
King Philip Regional School District
King Philip Middle School
18 King Street
Norfolk, MA 02056
Phone: (508) 520-7991, Ext. 2253
E-mail: AzerL@kingphilip.org
FAX: (508) 520-2044

Hours Of Operation Booking: M - F, 8 AM - 4 PM; Facilities: As needed
Rental Policy All requests for use of District facilities must be sent to the District Business Office. For multiple dates, submit one Facility Use Request Form and attach a separate, detailed schedule of dates and spaces. The District may require events with a large number of attendees to have a police detail. All groups must provide constant supervision of children under the age of 18 and must prevent access to other parts of the facility that are not being rented. Maintenance staff and theatre operations personnel are paid hourly beginning one half hour prior to official rental time to one half hour after rental period ends. Personnel rates along with facilities requests and agreements are listed in the uploaded documents.
Cancellation Policy The Superintendent may close a facility at his/her discretion. Any duly authorized election, referendum or legally required event shall supersede all other activities and may result in cancellation of a previously approved event.
Open to last minute space requests. -
Booking Requirements Deposit, Proof of liability insurance required
Rental Personnel Maintenance, Rates include some or all equipment
Performance Personnel Stage hands, Sound technician, Light technician, Technical director, Call for addtl performance personnel
Payment Types Check
Options -
Other Allowed Activities Percussive footwear, Street shoes, Rosin use, Live percussion, Amplified music

Features EditEdit Features

Space Dimensions -
Space Features Column-free, Air-conditioned, Heated, Grid, Wings/backstage space, Fly space/theatrical rigging, Acoustic panels, Stage curtains
Technology Cell service, Internet access, WiFi
Flooring Sprung wood
Stage Configuration Proscenium, Platform stage extension
Stage Dimensions 85 ft x 29 ft with 42 ft ceiling
Seating capacity 839
Seating Fixed, Raked, Removable seating to accomodate wheelchairs

Equipment EditEdit Equipment

Lighting Incandescent, Light board, Lighting instruments
Furniture Podium, Risers, Tables
Amenities Dressing rooms, Private restroom, Telephone in space
Instruments and Accessories Rehearsal piano, Performance piano, Music stands
Audio Equipment Sound system, PA system, Microphone, MP3/auxiliary input, CD player, Recording equipment, Amplifier, Control: One (1) Soundcraft SI Impact Digital 32 channel mixing console with 4 dedicated stereo playback channels; One (1) DigiTech Studio Twin SFX Digital Processor; One (1) TOA 900 Series II 8 channel house audio amplifier (recall broadcast); One (1) Aphex 228 Pro-level 8 channel Interface; One (1) Shure SCM 810 Auto Mixer; One (1) Shure DFR 22 Audio Processor; Three (3) QSC 902 amplifiers; Two (2) Renkus-Heinz X 12 A speaker controllers Performance instruments: Two (2) Denon DN-C680 professional playback CD players (NOTE: client-burned CDs must be in mp3 format ONLY, no wav or wmp formats); One (1) Philips CDR 775/17 dual-deck CD player/burner: Twenty (20) Shure SLX wireless dual body pack (10)/hand-held (14) microphones (Twin Double "A" battery power source. NOTE: 10 wireless base units are permanently rack-mounted, 10 wireless base units are mobile-rack mounted); Three (3) Shure BLX wireless body-pack/hand-held mics - portable); Eight (8) Shure EZO Easyflex wired overhead ("shotgun") recording microphones (six XLR inputs above the stage, two XLR above the house); Five (5) Peavey PVM 46 wired vocal/instrumental microphones; Ten (10) SoundMate Assisted Listening Sets; One (1) Telex SM-2 Assisted Listening Base Unit
Video/Film Equipment Digital projector, Projection screen, Cyclorama, DVD player, TV/monitor, Cameras, Eiki LCX71 Digital Projector (SVGA/RCA/HDMI inputs)
Studio Arts/Maker Equipment -

Accessibility Accessibility_active EditEdit Accessibility

Parking Bike rack, Free garage/lot parking, Loading dock
Accessibility ADA or AODA compliant, Accessible without stairs, Lobby and house, Patron restrooms, Backstage, Stage
Audience Services Restrooms, Lobby
Miscellaneous -

Rates EditEdit Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Performance $292.50 - - -
Rehearsal $292.50 - - -
Special Event $292.50 - - -
Class $292.50 - - -
Audition $292.50 - - -
Video/Film Shoot $292.50 - - -
Screening $292.50 - - -
Reading $292.50 - - -
Meeting $292.50 - - -
Audio Recording $292.50 - - -

Non-Profit Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Performance $11.50 - - -
Rehearsal $11.50 - - -
Special Event $11.50 - - -
Class $11.50 - - -
Audition $11.50 - - -
Video/Film Shoot $11.50 - - -
Screening $11.50 - - -
Reading $11.50 - - -
Meeting $11.50 - - -
Audio Recording $11.50 - - -

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