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The space is great for small productions or rehearsals with full professional lighting system, sound system, microphones are available. It is an 1100 sq feet "white box" with flexible seating plan, availability of audience risers and hardwood floor. The space is beautiful and very artsy.

Space Usage EditEdit Space Usage

Permitted Uses Exhibition, Studio Art, Meeting, Reading, Screening, Video/Film Shoot, Photo Shoot, Audition, Class, Special Event, Rehearsal, Performance
Disciplines Dance, Music, Theatre, Film, Visual Art
Restrictions On Use -


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Booking Policies EditEdit Booking Policies

How To Book

Please email us with booking requests and availability.

Hours Of Operation -
Rental Policy 1. THERE IS NO SMOKING PERMITTED ANYWHERE IN THE BUILDING AT ANY TIME. The theatre has a very sensitive smoke and fire detection system which can not be turned off. HAZERS and SMOKE GENERATORS are NOT PERMITTED. Any requirement for OPEN FLAME (candles, special effects, etc.) MUST be pre-approved in writing by theatre staff. 2. The use of confetti or glitter greatly increases the cost and difficulty of cleaning and both are strongly discouraged. If used, Renter must pay all additional cleanup costs, including any extra time required in the building for Renter to do their own cleaning. 3. There is no parking across the street, only at the MBTA parking lot located 100 feet away at the intersection of Hillside and West St. 4. Approval must be obtained from theatre management before attaching any item to any theatre surface. STAPLES and NAILS may NEVER be used for attachment to any theatre surface. 5. Without specific approval by theatre management, Renter may not operate, rearrange, relocate, or tamper with any theater technical equipment including lighting, sound, curtain and rigging systems. Misuse of equipment can create serious risks to the safety of personnel and cause expensive damage. Operation or changes must be performed only by authorized personnel. 6. During setup and rehearsals, only those persons involved with and necessary to the function are permitted in the theatre - no guests and no public access. 7. During standard rental hours, one theatre staff member is available to operate stage lighting and basic sound equipment (e.g., one or two microphones), but that one person can not serve in multiple functions. When audiences are present, additional theatre staff are on duty to assure the safety of the building and occupants, but not to sell merchandise nor to serve as stage crew, furniture movers, decorators, etc. 8. Renter must accommodate all wheelchair requirements in designated wheelchair locations and may not exceed the maximum auditorium seating capacity. Theatre staff and Renter personnel necessary for safety, services, and audience assistance are additional but may not be added to capacities inside the auditorium. Portable chairs, wheelchair, strollers, etc. may not be placed in any doorway. Note that seating capacity may be reduced by technical and production requirements for events. Be sure to discuss your needs with theatre staff well in advance. 9. Renter must leave the space in the condition it was found. Otherwise a clean up fee will be assessed. Immediately following the event, Renter must clean up and remove all materials which were brought into the building, including decorations, furniture, scenery, props, posters, programs, etc. All trash must be placed in provided containers or removed from the building by Renter. Additional charges apply for storing Renter's materials before or after rental period and for reopening the building at a later time or date to clean up or to remove materials. 11. Rental of the Studio 368 includes Renter's agreement to these RENTAL POLICIES, which are subject to change, without notice. 12. Renter must provide liability insurance. Alcohol Use And Sale On The Premises The renter or their caterer must provide a copy of all applicable approved permits and licenses. Any pertinent licenses or permits must be posted in designated places in the Arlekin Players Theatre at all events where alcohol is served. Anyone serving alcohol must have liquor liability insurance, minimum of $300,000 with Arlekin Players Theatre and Studio 368 as additional insured. A copy of the policy showing Arlekin Players Theatre and Studio 368 as an additional insured shall be given to the Business Office 10 days prior to event. This includes events where alcohol is sold or served to guests. In Addition: • Anyone serving alcohol must have a valid serving permit. • Licensed/insured caterers must be used anytime a full bar is planned.
Cancellation Policy -
Open to last minute space requests. true
Booking Requirements Deposit, On site meeting, Proof of liability insurance required, Lease agreement
Rental Personnel Call for addtl rental personnel, Rates include some or all equipment
Performance Personnel Stage hands, Sound technician, Light technician, Technical director, Call for addtl performance personnel
Payment Types Cash, Check, Credit card
Options Cross-promotion opportunities
Other Allowed Activities Amplified music

Features EditEdit Features

Space Dimensions -
Space Features Column-free, Air-conditioned, Heated, Grid, Wings/backstage space, Rigging points, Industrial sink, Privacy, Uninterrupted wall space
Technology Cell service, Internet access, WiFi, Live streaming
Flooring Wood
Stage Configuration Platform stage, Flexible stage, Black box
Stage Dimensions 21 ft x 50 ft
Seating capacity 90
Seating Multi level, Seating risers, Flexible seating

Equipment EditEdit Equipment

Lighting Fluorescent, Incandescent, Natural lighting/windows, Light board, Lighting instruments
Furniture Chairs, Risers, Tables
Amenities Dressing rooms, Kitchen/pantry, Secure storage, Private restroom
Instruments and Accessories -
Audio Equipment Sound system, PA system, Microphone, MP3/auxiliary input, Recording equipment, Amplifier
Video/Film Equipment Digital projector, Projection screen
Studio Arts/Maker Equipment -

Accessibility EditEdit Accessibility

Parking Street parking, Free garage/lot parking, Paid garage/lot parking
Accessibility -
Audience Services Restrooms
Miscellaneous -

Rates EditEdit Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Exhibition $100 $300 $1,200 -
Studio Art $100 $300 $1,200 -
Meeting $35 $100 $450 -
Reading $35 $300 $1,200 -
Screening - $250 $1,000 -
Video/Film Shoot $100 $350 $1,200 -
Photo Shoot $100 $100 $500 -
Audition $35 $100 $500 -
Class $35 $100 $500 -
Special Event - $400 $1,200 -
Rehearsal $35 $100 $500 -
Performance $100 $400 $1,200 -

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